Bankruptcy is a difficult decision.  Loss of a job, divorce, accident and illness are only a few of the reasons people choose to file for bankruptcy protection.  In the last several years the high cost of basic living expenses such as groceries and fuel, have forced many hard working Mainers to use credit to simply live.  Credit card companies take advantage of this situation by charging high interest and fees which make it impossible to ever pay the debt down.  Many people delay a bankruptcy filing with the hope that “things will get better” or they will “dig themselves out.”  However, if you have to choose between paying debt and buying necessities for your family, it is time to consider the option of bankruptcy.

Shankman & Associates strives to make the bankruptcy process more approachable.  The first step is a simple, free, phone call.  Upon calling our office and expressing an interest in bankruptcy, we will ensure you speak with our bankruptcy paralegal with over 28 years of experience in the field, or one our Maine bankruptcy attorneys.  During that phone call we will guide you through your options.  If you determine during the phone call that bankruptcy is a possible option, we will send you a preliminary questionnaire and list of items to gather to make the initial appointment with your attorney more productive.

We will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve.  We understand the hardship and struggle people have suffered before they arrive at our door.  Bankruptcy is an option.  Stop repossessions, wage garnishment, lawsuits and foreclosure.  Keep your home, your car and your wages.  A fresh start is possible.  Take control of your financial future.

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