How to create a successful parenting plan

Creating a successful parenting arrangement requires thoughtful consideration and careful planning. Here are four tips you can use to come up with the best arrangement for your situation.

Start now

Do not hesitate to start planning a parenting strategy. You will want to have an arrangement as soon as possible so your kids can have stability and know what to expect. Without a parenting plan in place, your family will be in limbo.

Parenting plans create consistency for your children, so the sooner you work to create one, the better off your children will be.

Keep an open mind

Working with your ex to come up with an arrangement can be difficult, but it is important to keep an open mind during this process. It does not help anyone to be stubborn or selfish, least of all your children.

In order to figure out a plan that works, you will need to be open to compromise and negotiation. This might mean that you will not get absolutely everything you want in the process, but working together with your ex is good practice for co-parenting in the future.


Similar to above, open communication is a good strategy in creating a parenting plan that works. You need to communicate with your ex in order to figure out an arrangement, but you should also talk to your kids during this time. If your kids are old enough to make decisions, you should not forget to take their needs into consideration.

This parenting plan should not only work for you and your ex, but your kids as well. Your kids have their own lives and schedules, too so do not forget to think about their activities and preferences while creating this plan.

Dont overlook details

Parenting plans can be complicated and involve many moving parts. That said, you should not neglect to think about the many details that go into creating this plan, even though it will take time. Vacation time, after school activities and holidays are all components of a parenting plan that require thought and effort.

Creating a parenting plan is important for the stability and functionality of your family. Even though many parts of your family are changing, creating this plan quickly and effectively will help your family in many ways.