A fault-based divorce could be the right choice for you

Divorces are different in every state, and Maine is no exception. Maine has residency requirements, no-fault grounds for divorces and other grounds you can choose.

When a divorce places you in a negative position, you might want to opt for a fault-based divorce, especially if you’ve been wronged by your spouse. Some faults for divorce are simple, like adultery or cruelty. You should be able to prove these things with collected documents or photographs, for example.

Others are causes that you might not have known about before marriage that would have made you concerned, like finding out that your spouse is impotent or that they would decide not to provide for you despite having the ability to work.

Desertion for 3 years in a row as well as alcohol or drug addiction are two faults that will help you get a divorce without having to wait. However, an interesting fact about Maine is that there is no actual waiting time. You don’t have to live separately for any length of time before seeking a divorce. In fact, the judge can make the divorce final immediately.

If you do decide to use a fault in divorce, make sure that you did not also commit it. If both parties commit the same or comparable faults, then the court may allow that as a defense. Forgiving your spouse may also be used against you in court if you are not cautious.

Our site has more about divorcing in Maine. Maine has unique laws that apply to your case, so it’s best to learn more.