Five books to help parents guide their children through divorce

A divorce can upend the life of a child. From being shipped from house to house, to witnessing the breakdown of their parents’ relationship, it’s a lot for children to process.

Whether your child feels they were the cause of the divorce or not, they are processing a lot of emotions. Communicating to your children why you are separating can be difficult. Additional resources to assist your kids cope with divorce can be beneficial. Thank goodness others have written books to help throughout the process.

Reading can encourage your children to open up about their feelings and understand how to ask you certain questions. The topics and age ranges of the following books vary, while some will benefit multiple talking points.

1. “Dinosaurs Divorce” by Vicki Lansky

Written for children ages three to seven, this picture book explores topics of divorce that a child might deal with, including: what will happen to the child, where holidays will be celebrated and descriptions of what it’s like to live in two different homes.

2. “Two Homes by Claire Masurel

Also written for children ages three to seven, this book solely focuses on what it’s like living in two separate homes. It really highlights the positives of the situation. The book aims to help kids understand that they are loved in both homes and by both parents.

3. “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” by Jeanie Franz Ransom

This book, for ages five and up, targets a young girl who imagines herself as different animals to process her feelings about the divorce. Both parents continually support her and offer securities that their love for her will never change.

4. “Divorce Is Not the End of the World” by Zoe and Evan Stern

Written for kids, by kids, this book was penned by two siblings whose parents divorced. It was written as a practical guide for kids to help manage the many emotions they face during and after their parents’ divorce. The book also covers topics such as getting used to different homes and new family members.

5. “Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids” by Isolina Ricci

Written by a family therapist, this book is tailored to children 10 and up. It spotlights as a guide for teens and tweens dealing with the rigors of multiple households and tips to manage stress, anxiety, guilt and other emotions.

You never truly know what your kids are going through unless you can get them to speak up. These books can be great resources to help your child convey what is on their mind.