Yes, some cities have greater divorce rates

Certain cities seem to have a higher rate of divorce. There are some factors that might explain this, like more acceptance of those who choose divorce, poverty that leads to more financial arguments or marriages earlier in life.

There are some common causes of divorce, according to Couple Family Psychology. The primary cause is a lack of commitment, which played a role in around 75 percent of participants’ divorces. Marrying too young was another cause noted by 45.1 percent of surveyed divorcees. Infidelity, money problems, substance abuse, violence and arguing also made the list.

Interestingly, there are some states where divorces are more common than others. There are also cities where divorces are more common than others. One city in Maine made the list as a place where divorce rates are high. That place is Augusta. There, 21.3 percent of adults are divorced, and 39.2 percent of the population is married. Around 31.9 percent of people have never been married.

One thing to look at in cases with high divorce rates is the median household income. In Augusta, the median household income is $40,181, which is relatively low compared to the cost of living. This could lead to financial disputes and problems making ends meet, which could be enough strain to end a marriage.

If you are in a situation where you believe a divorce is the right answer to your marital woes, you can begin the divorce process. It’s a good idea to look into your legal options and to begin preparing the documents you will need to complete the divorce successfully.