Corona virus update

The Corona Virus epidemic has proven to be far more substantial than originally anticipated. The Team here at Shankman & Associates shares your concerns and recognizes that “life as normal” is on hold for a bit. Our offices are open. We are doing everything that we can to protect the rights of our current clients. We continue to make ourselves available for prospective clients. The Court system is “open,” but hearings, mediations, and many conferences are being canceled until after May 1.
Shankman & Associates is still open for business, but we are making every effort to minimize direct person-to-person contacts. We are working remotely as circumstances necessitate. We are concerned about the health and safety of all of our clients as well as our staff. We are committed to balancing everyone’s needs.
Both offices remain open, but we are requesting that you notify us before you simply show up. We are doing everything we can by telephone and email. We are prepared to do Facetime, Skype, and other interactive media.
Feel free to reach out to us at 786-0311 (Lewiston) or 729-1181 (Topsham). Current clients can also contact your individual attorney or paralegal at their usual email address. If you are reaching out to us for the first time or just to get some basic information and would prefer to do it in writing, please contact us a [email protected]
On a personal note, please consider the following: minimize public travel at least through the end of April; try to minimize your time in public generally; do not watch too much television…especially the news. We need to be informed about developments, but not to the point of hysteria; maintain a safe distance from others (generally six feet); wash your hands often; sanitize the space around you; be good to yourself; be safe; tell those close to you that they are loved.