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Our Firm Can Help You To Properly Manage Your Real Estate Rentals

For over three decades, the attorneys and staff of Shankman & Associates Legal Center have helped landlords, property managers and mobile home park managers by empowering them with sound legal advice and representation.

With a focus on property management law and landlord-tenant issues, our staff can achieve successful results for you. We can provide experienced assistance for:

  • Market rent leases
  • Leases for subsidized units
  • Mobile home parks
  • Evictions and holdover tenants
  • Maine Human Rights Commission complaints
  • Abandoned property
  • Illegal evictions
  • Late fees
  • Security deposits
  • Civil rights issues

Are You Planning to Evict A Non-Paying Tenant?

To evict a nonpaying tenant, you will need to begin by properly serving the tenant with either a Notice of Termination of Lease or Notice to Quit.

These documents are a landlord’s written notice to the tenant terminating the tenancy, and demanding that the tenant surrenders all rights of occupancy and vacates the leased property.

It is important to be sure that the notice is written properly with all the correct legal language. The law requires that the tenant is to be served notice in strict compliance with the law, as well as under the terms and conditions of your lease.

Landlord-tenant law is very technical, and many tenants seek loopholes to avoid evictions. Our staff can ensure your eviction is done correctly from the start, thus closing loopholes, and this saves you time and money.

Call today to schedule an appointment at 207-209-3298 or toll free at 800-542-6133. You may also contact us online.

How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants In The Future?

Screening prospective tenants includes calling their references of prior landlords and employers, accessing their criminal history, the sex offender registry and credit reports for information.

Our firm has published three books on Maine landlord-tenant law:

  • “Maine Landlord-Tenant Statutes and Commentaries,” a compilation of current statutes with supplemental commentaries and case citations.
  • “Landlord-Tenant Relations: Process and Procedures,” provides practical guidance with sample notices, leases and termination of tenancy forms.
  • “Landlord-Tenant Relations in Mobile Home Parks: Land Leased Communities Process and Procedures,” a manual of tenant’s rights and responsibilities in mobile home parks.

Has Your Tenant Filed A Complaint Against You?

Shankman & Associates has successfully represented hundreds of landlords and property managers in Maine and before the Maine Human Rights Commission.

If you are being sued in your role as landlord or property manager, call our office to schedule a consultation with a lawyer at 207-209-3298 or toll free at 800-542-6133.

Our firm teaches a six-hour accredited program about landlord-tenant process and procedures, and we continue to be affiliated and support property management organizations throughout Maine. Contact us online.

Serving southern Maine, our offices are conveniently located in Lewiston and Topsham.


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